Vincent Serritella

Artist Statement:

       Vincent Serritella studied at both the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and at the Cooper Union in New York City where he received his degree in fine art. San Francisco-based artist Vincent Serritella was overwhelmed by the high end art market being treated as a commodity, making original art unaccessible to the average person. In response, Serritella launched Project 365, with the goal of creating and then giving away an original piece of artwork every single day for an entire year to the first person who asked for it via a comment on his Facebook page. Each original piece would be sent to the person that requested the work, wherever they were in the world, for free.



       Vincent Serritella self-published a book about this experience with funds raised through a Kickstarter campaign. Project 365 was recently awarded as the 2015 Outstanding Books of the Year, Best Book Arts Craftsmanship by Independent Publisher, and selected as an Official Honoree of the 19th Annual Webby Awards in the Social: Promotions & Contests category.

       Project 365 books are now available for purchase, with all proceeds being generously donated by Serritella to support the Children's Creativity Museum programs.

       The Children’s Creativity Museum is a multimedia art and technology museum for kids. Our mission is to nurture the “three Cs” of 21st century skills – Creativity, Collaboration and Communication – in all youth and families. We believe that the success of the next generation hinges not only on what they know but on their ability to think and act creatively as global citizens. Since opening in 1998, nearly 2 million children, parents and educators have benefited from the museum’s exhibits and public programs.

Visit Vincent's website to learn more at

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