Kimmi Ramone

Artist Statement:

          My mission is to use my talents to make a difference. I would like to be known for my passion to help people and animals by using my art to bridge gaps and bring awareness to important issues.


          Graphite portraits are my specialty, but I often use water color pencils as well. Faces have always fascinated me, and eyes are my favorite thing to draw. When I absentmindedly doodle, it's usually an eye. I believe you can see a person's soul through their eyes.

          I love animals. Specifically, I love dogs, but all animals have a spot in my heart. I have personally rescued 5 dogs and have helped in the adoption and rescue of more animals than I can count. Dogs, cats, ferrets, even one iguana and one hedgehog. There is never enough money for rescues to help each animal as much as they need to, so I decided to use my art to help out. Animal and animal-rescue themed shirts are in production at the moment.

Rock To Cure Cancer:

          In 2008, I offered some of my artwork for sale to benefit Lymphoma Research, in honor of Joey Ramone, who passed away from Lymphoma in 2001. I started using the name Kimmi Ramone as a tribute to Joey. Nothing sold. Someone brought up the topic of benefit concerts and just like that, "Rock To Cure Cancer" was born. We have done 5 events to date, we have 2 events planned for this year. We also sell shirts with my drawing of Joey on them, to further benefit the cause. We have bone marrow donor drives at each event sponsored by DKMS. We have gotten a respectable number names on the donor registry and have raised about 9k for The Lymphoma Research Foundation since our initial benefit concert was held in 2009.

Please visit my website and facebook page!

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