Vandy Massey

Artist Statement:

          Like poetry, every painting has a story and the purely visual element of painting means that the story is subtly different for every viewer. I find it thrilling when a picture demands attention. Watching images emerge on the paper is something I find captivating. This is the aspect of watercolor I find the most enthralling and the reason I am drawn to its freedom and flow. I grew up in South Africa, a place that still influences my painting in discernable ways. I am fascinated by pictures that capture light and I am drawn to strong colors. My landscapes evoke feelings of space and often include an element of scale. Floral and abstract paintings in my portfolio have an energy which comes from their vibrant colors and way they blend on the paper.

          I along with a group of artist I collaborate with started a personal charity project in July 2013 called Running with Brushes as a fundraiser for Care for Casualties. It started as a slightly off-the-wall idea that if I could paint and sell 1000 postcard size paintings, Care for Casualties might make as much as £10,000. A few conversations later and somehow the number 1000 did not seem so huge and I jumped in and launched the project. (Care for Casualties is my chosen charity because my son is in the Rifles Regiment.)

          My paintings are part of private collections in France, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. I am a member of the Society of East Anglican Watercolorists and the Saffron Walden Art Society. I take part in Cambridge Open Studios and Saffron Walden Open Studios to give people an opportunity to see my studio and to give me the opportunity to meet people who enjoy local art.

To contact Vandy visit her website!

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