Stephen Lombardi

Artist Statement:

          My life's work, my sweat, my frustration, my anger, my fears, my losses, my tears might have all contributed... they are not why I do this. I do this because since I was a child I have heard a clear voice inside... when I scribbled outside the lines with crayons... when I finger painted, doodled on my school book cover, finished my first watercolor... it brought me peace and comfort. Then as life unfolded, in trials, in crisis, in distress, all that I had to do was find a drawing pad or a canvas and focus to find that same peace and comfort... but it was more than that, more than medicine, it filled the gaps and became a challenge, a driving force to reach the next step in the process of evolving. My work is the by-product of discovery within and growth that cannot be owned or purchased. It comes from stubborn persistence and saying no to those who would tear you down or change you. It comes from building a bond of trust with that inner child and from that point giving from yourself to any and all who need it. Unfortunately our existence here is molded by men and the requirement to sell something rather than to share it. We must find a means by which we can produce food for the table and shelter... often not in line with creative thinking or following inner notions... most often encouraging self-betrayal.

          When I was a boy I would gaze at the brilliant work of masters and visionaries and I would think to myself, or I would say out loud... "I want to do that!" and then hear the stories of poverty, strife and struggle attached... why would anyone in their right mind want to do that? Well it is what I do. I am in my right mind. (quite literally) It is what I am... and perhaps I will inspire the next little boy who dreams of his own future creations. What it is more than, than fears, tears, anger and frustrations is a peeling away the layers of the onion to find our passion, to lead the way... because our purpose here is more than just to feed our physical body, but to feed our souls. You cannot own a piece of that, you can only choose to do it for yourself. And now my inner guide and guardian says, "relax Stephen and just create." It is so difficult to trust her, although she has brought me this far... and protected me... and saved my life... my lady in the woods...


          Boston born artist Stephen Lombardi, now 54 is a self-taught visionary who has painted since he was 12 and contributed his works throughout communities all across the United States. When asked about his special talent he will tell you that he calls it his unfair advantage…

"While many struggle to find purpose in life I have known mine since a very early age… to paint.”

          Stephen explores many genres however his favorite as depicted here is fantasy surrealism. Stephen paints full time in his Boca Raton studio which also doubles as a home gallery currently housing over 75 of his recent works. He also holds the position of Gallery Tech for the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Artist Guild where he is solely responsible for the arrangement and hanging of guild exhibitions at their 512 East Atlantic gallery (Delray Beach, Florida), FAU Living Room Theatre (Boca Raton) and the Coral Springs Center for the Arts (Coral Springs). All of these he does on a volunteer basis for the betterment of the artist community where he has built a solid and reliable reputation for having a discerning eye and uncanny knack for making amazing shows.

          “I am making these artists live in harmony with one another through color, composition and form... it is an example for how we can work together to compliment one another in life... that creating is contributing to the greater good and while they all might do this by themselves, alone in their private studios they are unknowingly participating in the bigger picture. Some have the purpose of making puzzle pieces, others have the purpose of putting together the puzzle... I have only told a very few this before... that I quiet my inner dialog and ask the Universe to assist me, that I am a channel for it's natural order... it is called Zen.”

          Stephen also holds the position of Art Director for the Linda White Gallery on Artist Alley (Delray Beach) where upwards of 25 of his original works can be found on display. Stephen does curating for local restaurants and private homes in the community as well.

          Recently Stephen through his association with the Linda White Gallery donated a giclee reproduction of his current original Work, “Where Heaven Meets Earth” to the Crohns and Colitis Foundation where it was auctioned off among other works of art and fetched $1,500.00 for this good cause.

To request info on purchasing Stephen’s art contact him on facebook or email him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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