Jan Jenkins

Artist Statement:

          I have always felt like I was an old soul, a child of the universe, never quite understanding conflict, violence, corruption, waste, destructive greed, etc. With also being sensitive, I had to keep this dark energy, this negativity from invading and consuming my psyche, distancing myself yet still wanting to “be the change”. 

          My passion is creating art, lots of glorious art, art that can count for something, infuse my world with some beauty. Being a generalist I am quite scattered in my interests, my artforms, as well as the issues I care about and so I have never been the type to focus on one specialty, one interest, one great cause. My art forms include visual art (pen and ink, oil pastel, mixed media), rock painting, poetry, and hand braided wire-wrapped-stone and penny jewelry. Meditative, zenful, positive creations.  My other loves include reading, walking and uplifting music.

          The issues I care deeply about are all encompassing - humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights. As a result, in wanting to contribute towards positive and healing global shifts, I’ve struggled with exactly how to go about it. So I thought, what if I combined all this into helping raise funds for various relief groups through the sale of my artwork?

          And thus my inspiration and commitment to helping others through my art began. My desire and intent is to auction off once a month one of my artworks (limited edition print or original) with proceeds directed towards specific non-profit organizations whose dedicated volunteers work hard to make our world a better place for all living things. Where possible, I am happy to work with the purchaser of the art on which non-profit, the artwork sale proceeds are directed to should they have a preference over the charity I’ve designated.

          Proceeds from my artwork has helped raise funds for: The Parkland Humane Society, The Watson Art Centre, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art, Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Manitoba Arts Network, KIVA, Canadian Cancer Society, Alzheimer Society of Canada, The Salvation Army.

To contact Jan visit her website or follow her on facebook!

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