Antonio Fdz. Hidalgo

Artist Statement:

          Hello my name is Antonio Fernandez Hidalgo (Toni F.H) and I am a 37 year old artist from Madrid, Spain. My dream and goal has always been to help other people with my art and after some years of trying to making my work known I began to meet other artists that help support and contribute with different causes and organizations. By a certain string of coincidences I eventually met an Austrian artist who told me about a German-Spanish organization in Spain called Diez Céntimos. They had received a donation from a Spanish promoter of an ancient building in Catalonia in the north of Spain called "Rectoria Sant Mori" to make exhibitions, workshops, concerts and events in cooperation with artists throughout the world to fundraise for needy children. They asked me if I wanted to contribute with them in a project called "Light a light for a child". The idea was design a kind of "lamp" with the artwork designs from artists and also the works from children at workshops that they make in Catalonia, and with these designs printed and with candles inside make a journey around the world with this lights, in galleries, restaurants or cultural centers or every place where they want to contribute for the cause. I made my design to collaborate with the project Light a Light for a Child, with an abstract concept which represents four different flames from the four cardinal points of The Earth, but just the same Light to heal the planet. I made my meditations while listening Haydn music while I was painting the designs to reach an abstract synesthetic consciousness state, creating a big light from my heart and spreading to the world imagining that my work can help children. I also cooperate with spreading the work of this organization in my social network for the followers of my work, and spreading their work and projects as much as I can within my modest possibilities. I am also continually waiting to cooperate with them in future initiatives so my artworks can contribute.

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