Artist Statement:

          Life is a fascination, as the artist shows in all of her artwork. Aziralili's arrival into the world in the small Polish town in an esteemed family significantly determined the development and future life of her artwork. She graduated from the University of Wrocław in Art and Business Studies. During her time at College Aziralili travelled a lot to gain inspiration and produced a large variety of work. After finishing her art studies she had a variety of possibilities open to her and she continued to work on her painting technique and also designed a spring/summer clothes collection which went into production.

          Aziralili focuses on Positive Art. Her artworks create atmosphere in spaces, represent emotions and desires. With Active Positive Art she enriches atmosphere and human feeling. Aziralili's inspiration and basis come from the works of Carl Gustav Jung as well as quantum physicsHer paintings are structurally diverse expressions resulting from the repetition of similar elements found within the Universe. Its rules and laws of nature, coded in our sub-conscious, guide us. They decide what we find desirable and attractive. Her inspiration is such works stems from her interest and study of Vedic scripture and her attempt to describe and explain these ancient texts through her artwork. In the Vedas, one can find information about every aspect of life, and Vedic Art existed for Aziralili as an inspiration in becoming an artwork of life in all its aspects.

          Aziralili's work has been honored with various major prizes abroad, and works are presented in prestigious art galleries and museums around the world and are held by private collectors. She is preparing to take her PhD degree in Fine Art - painting.

          Aziralili has worked with the Foundation for Homeless Mothers with Children, and in her Kraków Art Expo, donation of her artwork went for auction to help very sick children. She also organizes campaigns in schools and information on what to do when they see homeless animals or persecuted animals and ran collections for TOZ in Wroclaw. She also worked with BOŚ Bank to make actions for rare bio species where she chose the LYNX. Her last auction went to save porpoise in the Baltic Sea. During her solo exhibition in London, she facilitated collection and donation for Richard House London's First Children Hospice.

Please visit Aziralili at her website to learn more.

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