Mantra Cora

Artist Statement:

Although my work has a vast range in style and content there are ‘constants’ that run through everything, expressing the ‘layers of being’ within. A thematic fiber that weaves through all of my work and the creative process itself is the perennial questions that permeate my life from the mundane activities of everyday living to the awe-inspiring ecstatic states that I may experience. My Buddhist practice, Jungian insights, the world wisdom traditions and my travels all inform my work in the manner of a detailed but unified landscape. In support of such a deep exploration and expression I have adopted a spectrum of technical knowledge ranging from renaissance techniques of painting to modern methods and materials. I combine preparation with natural and spontaneous execution, moving from realism to the abstract.

Sometimes I think of myself as a ‘layerist’. That is, I enjoy the multidimensional properties that an old masters’ painting technique can provide, reflecting the many layers that is life itself. I also find it fascinating how light and depth can unfold through a painting done in this manner and how it directly corresponds to my experiments in multi-media.



I aspire to be an artistic instrument and a consciousness cartographer of sorts. I aim to create works that move dramatically, without embarrassment, and execute gestures without shame; that move through and integrates the world of emotion, insight and form. I am thrilled when the organic quality of my work moves of its own volition and with a passion to communicate an inner freedom to the outer theater of life, dissolving into the destination of an illuminated consciousness. My intention is to create a non-denominational art, crossing over to connect worlds within worlds, revealing a unity while respecting diversity.


Mantra Cora was born in Gdansk, Poland and relocated to England in 2006. She is a  Buddhist practitioner in the Vajrayana tradition of the Kagyu lineage. Her practice serves as one of the sources of inspiration for her art and her artist’s signature, ‘Mantra Cora’.

2011 marked a significant year for her as she participated in the Old Masters New Visions painting seminar in Austria studying Renaissance techniques with Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson and meeting the renowned artists of Vienna connected to the School of Fantastic Realism. In January, 2012 she spent another month on the island of Bermuda in an intensive painting workshop. 2013 marks the final year of her studies in the Visual Arts at The University of Salford. Her tenure has included drawing and painting as an Erasmus Exchange Student in Macerata, Italy and an internship at the Phantasten Museum in Vienna, Austria assisting the internationally renowned artist, Ernst Fuchs. She also attended a third painting seminar in Austria.

The artist currently resides in Manchester where she maintains an active studio in painting, mixed-media, digital art and photography. She now serves as a permanent painting-instructor for the Old Masters-New Visions international painting seminars.

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