Konstantin Chinkov

Artist Statement:

          As an artist who paints or draws, rather than sculpt, you are fairly limited to the amount of dimensions at your disposal. That is why it’s always impressive when an artist can fool the audience as if there is a small window to another dimension that shows depth, form, values, and all other elements and principles of art that for a second help transport you into the mind of that artist. The artist can choose to make their work appear as realistic as they'd like, or as flat as possible. Even though I greatly enjoy viewing very realistic images, I've always been more partial to the appeal of flat, linear, two dimensional images. Such as: hieroglyphs, Celtic knot-work, tribal paintings, traditional Japanese woodblock prints, and anything that has vibrant colors and a flat feel to it. However the images that always leave the biggest impression on me are the ones that have that awkward two and a half dimensional feeling. Such as Japanese woodblock prints of samurai fighting, Egyptian story paintings, and Mayan story paintings.

          In these images one understands exactly what's going on, but can't shake the feeling that something is slightly awkward. For example: the way that a samurai might be holding his sword, or the way Egyptian figures are always depicted to be staring right at you even when in profile view. These are great examples because when you glance at them you know what they are, but when you examine them closer, you realize that it’s not how things would appear in real life.

          This is the approach that I take in making my art. I enjoy placing figures awkwardly in the two and a half dimension where it takes a second for the viewer to realize what exactly is going on. Included in these images I often place vibrant colors and many patterns, which add to the confusion. One of the goals of my art is that you have to look at it for a little bit in order for it to make sense. After you take a second you realize that there is a story behind every one of the pieces.

          I am also digital animator and I use various programs to create my animations such as Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro and Toon Boom. My goal is to revive hand drawn animation as a self taught animator much like that of Walt Disney. In the spirit of free education I want to show people they can learn how to do this for free.



          My art is my main outlet for showing things that I think are silly in our society and a lot of times I use symbolism and metaphors to display this. Something that I don't agree with is just making art for art's sake. I much rather there be a cause to support with art, instead of just for profit. This is the reason I've decided to join Art for a Dream. As a part of this organization I will donate profit that I make through the sale of my artwork to Khan Academy. This is a website that provides free education to millions of people throughout the world, I myself have used it quite a bit, and as my art grows I will be donating to other organizations as well.

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